40 days, 40 nights

“There is no mountain high enough in all the world to see the whole world.”

I’ve been here in Sapporo the same amount of time Jesus spent in the desert. This has made me think, not that I am jesus in any way. But I guess I can feel the struggles he’s gone trough when he was put in a strange and desolate place.

My stay in Sapporo has been long enough for me to be comfortable enough to form a solid opinion of everything thats happened. I knew that the region was going to be cold, but I never expected it to as cold as it was. The amount of snow on the streets, all the buildings covered in snow. Everything, absolutely everything was white, like a blanked, but rather than keeping warm it kept cold.

Luckily, these past few days it has been getting warmer. It wasn’t until this week that I could finally see the street that hid under the layers of snow. In fact, its been so good. I’ve managed to fix the tire of the bicycle and gone for a ride. While cycling I was every now and then reminded of home.

Many of the places I’ve been to look oddly sad without all the snow. I guess it has to do with the fact that spring hasn’t yet arrived fully. According to the landlady it won’t happen until the end of April or May. Through my mind all I could think of was that we’re in a period of limbo. Where nothing is dead nor alive, very much a Schrödinger’s paradox. A sense of uncertainty stuck with me…


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